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At FSO, we offer accessible education for practical online skillsets. We prepare our students to promote themselves in online spaces or for careers managing social media, marketing, design, and more. Everyone starts somewhere and everyone deserves to learn enough to stand out. 



FSO is proud to present our new Instagram series: three courses created to help you or your business succeed on the Instagram platform. We approach these topics from a strategic standpoint and put our focus on empowering our students to find creative solutions in frustrating real world situations.

Gain Fans, Not Just Followers

Our courses go deeper than quick follower gain that falls off just as quick: we teach students how to create narrative stories with online content to forge a deeper connection + more passionate support from potential fans or customers. Students learn to build valuable social media accounts online.

Start Attracting Bigger Opportunities

With our Instagram Series, FSO is giving students an affordable point of access for info to improve their personal profile or their business' visibility online. This series is available on sale for a limited time. Don't miss the chance to expand your horizons.
Meet Your Instructor


FSO's Primary Instructor is Sutton, a marketing expert who's spent the last 5 years as an online instructor and creative marketing manager. Sutton started her career at Walt Disney Motion Picture PR and Marketing and Allied Integrated Marketing, before moving on to handle social media growth, creative direction, and business strategy for startups, celebrities, and major brands.


FSO is a state of the art, self-contained online education platform. Students create an online login and password, gain access to their courses through the My Skills Portal, and stream their courses directly whenever they wish. In addition, they unlock assignments, resources, and additional materials as courses are completed.

Pick Up Diverse Skills

At FSO, we take care to give a rounded look at any topic we choose to dive into. This means students gain an analytical and strategic perspective from all of their courses here and walk away as better writers, marketers, and content creators.

Finally Get Ahead Online

The online space can feel overwhelming to many individuals, including business owners, artists, + more. Our courses offer legitimate skill building to enable greater success online, no matter the arena. Whether students take our courses to help themselves or for work with clients, we offer dependable quality and real results.

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